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Our basic program is comprised of 6 applications spaced 6-8 weeks apart. We use all dry granular products except for our weed control which is a liquid. Our entire program even with the grub control application is 96% pesticide free.

In the spring, we apply rounds 1 and 2:

Round One

Early Spring. Fertilizer and crabgrass control. Establishes a barrier to stop crabgrass before it starts. Minimal greening is noticed at this time since this application is applied early in the spring. Once the weather warms up, the grass will have the nutrients available to give you a quick green up. Crabgrass is one of the largest lawn problems in the Indianapolis area, so this early application is a necessity!

Round Two

Late Spring. Fertilizer and broadleaf weed control. Weeds will be eliminated at this time. (dandelions / clover, etc.)

Of course, we offer FREE SERVICE calls to eliminate any weeds which may pop up between treatments, or diagnose any concerns you may have with the lawn. Grub control, aeration and disease controls are all offered at an additional cost. We will let you know the best times to apply these applications. Do not hesitate to call for additional information.

"Thank you for the weed control. The lawn looks much better."
- Judy M., Greenwood, IN















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