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Our Services currently include:

6 Application Lawn Fertilization Program
(Dry Granular Fertilizer and Liquid Weed Control.) Spaced 6-8 Weeks Apart.

Grub Prevention
To Protect Your Lawn From Grub Worms That Can Cause Significant Damage To Turf.

Grub Control
Applied After Grubs Are Actively Feeding On The Grass Roots To Prevent Further Damage To Your Lawn.

Flea and Tick Control
Applied To Your Lawn To Protect Lawn From Fleas And Ticks That Can Invade Your Home And Cause An Even Bigger Infestation Problem.

Core Aeration (Spring and Fall)
Cores Are Removed From The Turf To Relieve Soil Compaction, Allow Air, Water, And Nutrients To Get To The Soil Layer, And To Break Down The Thatch Layer. A Turf Aeration Will Benefit EVERY Lawn!.

Lawn Insect Control
Applied At the first sign of Insect Damage Such As chinch bugs

Fungus Control
Applied When Diseases Are Present Such As Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, And Fursarium Blight

Service Calls Always Free Of Charge.
If You Ever Have Any Questions Or Concerns About Your Lawn, Just E-mail Us Or Give Us A Call.

"We really like the personal approach of Central Indiana Lawns. It is easy to call them when I have any questions about my lawn."
- Ann K., Greenwood, IN















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